Instagram can roll out new Video tagging feature

It is being confirmed that Instagram can roll out a new Video tagging feature which will let you tag your friends in the videos. Interestingly, there are like billions of users who post content on Instagram. Majority of people prefer Instagram over Facebook because of its clean, dedicated and hassle less interface and function.

Instagram allows the users to stay safe, keep with the friend’s timeline, avoid unwanted contacts and lot more. Above the surface, it is the interface that makes Instagram really discriminating.

By the time, Instagram has rolled out many features to make its platform keep up the pace with modern changes. Up to now, users could tag the people in photos. But for the videos, there was no such option.

Interestingly, photo tagging feature was rolled out way back in 2013. Now, the developers at Instagram deem this feature to be more delighting for the users. Thus, it is being confirmed that Instagram can very soon roll out video tagging feature that would let the users tag others in videos.

instagram video tagging feature roll out

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Hopefully, the update will roll out very soon and users would be able to tag friends even in Instagram videos. Let us know in comments what you think about this update. If you have any question related to Tech, Gaming, Android and more, just head over to

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