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How To Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2018 – [LATEST]

How to increase likes on facebook page 2018

If you want to know how to increase likes on facebook page 2018, you are surely on the right page. The problem, in the start, happens to the majority of people and they wanna know facebook page likes increase trick. There are some fake fb page likes generator techniques. You must avoid them. Even you can increase facebook likes automatically once you surpass some stages. After following the ways stated below, you will be able to get free likes on facebook page online. Also, you will be able to know how to increase facebook page likes without spending money.

How to increase likes on facebook page

Quality Of Content: how to increase likes on facebook page

increase like on facebook page

First of all, I would say, Content is the king. It should be well delivered, should have humor and full of coverage.

Even the content that you post on your facebook page should relate to most of the people to grab more attention. Like, if your post(be it status, image or video) is about technical know-how which is relevant to only particular people, then, it would be material for only those particular category.

To get appreciation, reactions, you must reach to those particular people. Suppose, your post is about “This guy passed CA in the first attempt, salute to him”, now, in this case, the post is most likely to affect the attention of those who are learning CA, who are CA, who are opting to do CA, or who anyhow know about what CA is.
However, if your post is about friendship joke, political joke or anything it is likely to affect more masses. This is why sarcastic pages are more popular and are having more likes.

What We Learnt?
Content decides population and its effectiveness. Make sure your content covers wide range of effectiveness.

Regularity Of Content: how to increase likes on facebook page

Let me tell you why regularity of content matters. You know, Salman Khan is a popular Bollywood actor. He is still making movies. Now, if he stops doing movies, he is likely to lose attention. In this ever-changing world where time equals the money, we having to keep doing the work to have attention. The same way, to continue increasing facebook page likes 2018, you would need to be consistent.

Post content regularly. Suppose, your page is about Ethical Hacking TIps, which is associated with your website. Now, the problem may be that how can you engage the people with a bunch of content each day. Well, the solution is that you can start making Meme, but make sure the jokes or Memes are relevant to your page category.
This way you will be able to connect with your page audience, post regularly and increase likes on your facebook page.


Sharable Content: how to increase likes on facebook page

increase likes on facebook page

Give emphasis to making and thus posting sharable content. If your content is having the power of being shared, it will reach the users very fast and you will be able to increase facebook page likes if they appreciate it.

So, guys, this was all about the content which we can not ignore in long run. Let's start now with main tactics to increase likes on facebook page.

To Increase initial likes on your facebook page

Invite Your Friends

how to increase likes on facebook page

To give an initial boost to your page, start by inviting your friends to like your page. Facebook has recently added a new feature where you can send a request with a short message as to why you are inviting. Surprisingly, it has changed the results dramatically. Even, the request can be sent on messenger if you do it below 50. As many people use messenger and don't see notifications every random time, the request sent in messenger can be very effective.

Ask your friends to invite their friends

You can also ask your close friends to do it for you. You should ask them in the roundabout manner. Like, first telling about your page and then letting them know that you are in search of initial likes for your page. That's it.

Merge your profile in page

In order to increase likes on Facebook page or say to have a page already having many likes, you can merge your profile on the page. Don't worry, nothing will happen with your personal profile. However, a new page will be created. Also, you can do this only once with your account.

Learn More

Share trending Content related to your niche


Always make sure you don't post boring content on your page. Which may decline your followers and likes. Try to keep pace with the trend, and find, make and post what is trending. Suppose, If it is a “Mother's day”, post content related to it and people will surely appreciate.

Link your page to facebook group

how to increase likes on facebook page 2018

To increase likes on your facebook page, you can also link your Facebook page to your facebook group. Groups are more crowded that facebook page. Public groups have the intensity to make things viral.

Use Eye-Catching Images

To grab the attention of users and getting likes on your fb page, you need to post eye-catching and high-resolution images. Eye-catching images can dramatically give you unexpected results.

Learn the best time to post

The timing of posting also matters a lot. You can learn the best time to post analyzing your previous posts or see the full insights of your page. If the time of posting is effective, the post is likely to reach the reasonably higher number of followers.

Schedule Your Facebook Posts

After analyzing the best time, you can make a plan according to that. Now, for the further posts, you can use that time. You can schedule your posts for the best time. There are also some tools available like Hootsuite, Buffer for automating these tasks.

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Share the page posts in various related groups or communities

To increase the post approach, you can share the actual facebook page post in various groups and communities. You can do this several times a day.

Also, you can ask other related to pages to share your posts. Just reach them through message or other contact information available. Try to start with low engagement pages, as they also need engagement. You can share their content for the consideration.

However, reaching big pages may not be possible. Even they may ask you for money.


Using Toolkit for Facebook – Extension

To make your various tasks quicker, less time consuming and effective, you can take recourse to Toolkit for Facebook Google Chrome Extension. This can perform various tasks for you. You can add friends to any group, invite friends to any page, accept or decline all the friend requests and many more. Even there are some extraction and removal tools available.

[toggle title=”Note”]

Some of the tools don't work due to Facebook ever-changing scripts. Even using this may block your account forever. So, don't overuse it. You should use it considering facebook terms and conditions.


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Running Giveaways

Running Giveaways is the best formula nowadays to increase facebook page likes, twitter followers, youtube subscribers and what not. The condition is that how effectively you run the giveaways.

Well, there are a number of websites through which you can run the giveaway effectively.

  • Rafflecopter
  • Gleam
  • Voubs

Creating a giveaway campaign is not enough. You will need to promote it extensively for the best results. To do this, you can do:

Embed the code on your website

You can embed the code, provided by the website to promote the giveaway, on your website. Also, you can get it done by others who are having enough traffic. And, in return, you can add a beneficial entry for them to increase their social appearance and likes.

Sharing the link to your youtube videos

If you have a youtube channel, you can share the giveaway link on your videos. Analyse the channel and make sure to put the link in videos having enough views coming every day as of then.

Making a separate blog post or video

To make it more effective, you can make a separate video and blog post about it.

Always let the users know something special

Also, make sure you first tell the reason of the giveaway. It may be a giveaway on occasion of completing 10,000 subscribers, Merry Christmas, New Year or any other special day. Also, name the giveaway accordingly.

Include link To Your YouTube upload defaults

To let users see your page, always add the link to your Youtube upload defaults. I know it is not interesting as everyone knows out of it. But what if I say you need to do it in a different manner. Like, instigating the users to click on your link with some unique message.

If you keep it simple and formal the rate of conversion will be simple and normal too. On the other hand, if you apply unique message the results will be surprising.

Including link in email 

You can also use the facebook page link in your email signature. Which may turn into likes if you deal with various emails in your work.

social locker plugin

Well, you can also use social locker plugin for your websites to increase the likes for your facebook page. Although, you need to make sure you don't use them without any need. You need not use them for hiding invaluable information. However, if you are providing something for free or unique, like a free download of any movie, song, application or anything that is valuable you can certainly use them to incresae likes for your facebook page.

Like box in sidebar

You can also use like box in the sidebar on your website. Even popup like box can be helpful to increase FB page likes.

Running Ads On Facebook

If you are looking for quick results, and want to grow your Facebook page quickly, you can always opt for running paid ads on Facebook. You can simply boost post. Also to have better results for the money spent you need to stress the best practices of running ads on Facebook.

Continuing ads on Facebook can give you better results. I have no resource as of now of my own to share with you. Still, I have this video “Successful strategies to run ads on Facebook 2017 edition” to help you get better results from Facebook ads.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, these were the tips to increase likes on Facebook page 2018, that I wanted to share with you. I hope you liked our cover on how to increase likes on Facebook page and enjoyed it.

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