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Google Assistant Shows Sponsored Ads in the answers

Google Assistant Shows Ads in the answers

Google Assistant tries to work on continuously on the new and interactive ways to provide the best results over the query requested by the user. However, the recent update shows no improvement to the design or interactivity but it includes the advertisements in the results that you find in the normal searches.

Many digital scholars opine that Advertisements are less relevant to the keyword as they are pushed by the Advertisers via Paid promotion. These paid search results are less relevant to the user. On the other hand, ranked keywords or websites are more relevant and show the best results that a user might be asking for. Although, the views are mixed. Whereby the other bunch of people say that in the short term occasions are affected by the ranked websites. And if the users provides an ad, it is likely to be more relevant to the keyword.

Suppose, there happened XYZ event in New York city last week. Now the said event takes place multiple times in the year. The old events are ranked by the authority websites. To shift the recent or new event on the top the advertiser at this case will suppose to push it via paid ads and bring it on top. In this example, the paid ads are more relevant than the organically ranked old events.

Google is constantly trying to make the assistant more usable by tweaking it with experimental features. When asked about the sponsored results from Google by the user, Google answered, “We’re always testing new ways to improve the experience on phones, but we don’t have anything specific to announce right now.”

Let’s see how the improvements or tweakings with respect to sponsored results can affect the user experience on the Google Assistant.


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