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How To Download Images and videos from Instagram

download images and videos from instagram

Instagram is doubtlessly quick growing social media platform. Instagram is basically used on mobile phones. It is very simplified version of Facebook instead where you can even message others. On Instagram audio call and video call option is not available. In layman’s term we can say that Instagram is a visual sharing platform. One can see photos and videos of others, react on them, interact with the account holder and follow others. Though one can’t download images and videos from Instagram. As in the official version of Instagram there is no option of doing so.


How To Download Images And Videos From Instagram

In order to download photos from Instagram you will need to download an application called OGinsta+. The application is available on official plus website. One can directly download it from there.

You might experience lack of flexibility in the application. You will get no or less updates with the this third party application. But the thing you can do is, you can easily download images and videos of other users. Also You can do lot more with this application.

download images and videos from instagram

Other Features Include :

Apart from downloading images and videos, there are other feature too.

  1. You can use two different accounts simultaneously. Though you can do this in official version as well. But in that can you will have to manually switch the accounts.
  2. One can zoom in or out the images in Instagram.
  3. You can directly share the photos or videos on messenger and WhatsApp.
  4. You can see the large image of profile pic. Just tap and hold the profile picture of any user.

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Note : Downloading applications from other sources is not safe and may be harmful to your device. Download them on your own concern.




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