[Review] DJI Phantom 4 RC Drone Quadcopter USD 899

DJI Phantom 4 RC
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New DJI Phantom 4 RC Quadcopter Drone : Hola! Today i am back with another exciting gadget that you may have came across, may be on internet. I am taking about DJI Phantom 4 RC Quadcopter Drone which is turning out to be a great gift of technology. It is a drone packed with lots of feature that one could fly with a single touch. The gadget is having a good competition with other drones of the time.

DJI Phantom 4 RC Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 4 RC Quadcopter Review/Specifications


DJI Phantom 4 RC quadcopter camera

The drone comes with 720p HD camera which takes pictures, records images what it is streaming live. The resolution of the images taken by it is so good that you can also share is with your family and friends as it is of high quality.

Control and screen

Talking about its control, a remote control and LCD screen from which you can control the device. The screen also allows you to enjoy live video that the drone is streaming. To have a good flight experience the remote can help you with suitable flight modes, speed and more.


Flight modes

dji phantom 4

Courtesy : wikipedia.org

One of the best feature of phantom is that it is packed with variety of modes. The best ones are

  1. Sports mode and
  2. Tap-to-fly mode

You can have the experience of a real aeroplane pilot by simply having remote control in your hands.


Other features

DJI Phantom 4 RC camera

Obstacle sensor feature is somewhere unique as it makes one aware of the obstacle between the flight path. Also, phantom is GPS free device which makes it useful not only for fun but also for surveillance. The drone can be used for 28 minutes without recharging at the same time it offers a flight with maximum distance of 5km. All these things makes phantom quadcoper drone different from the other drones.

You can have phantom quadcoper drone for $1550 USD (USD 899 at TomTop). Even though not that cheaper but it is worth the experience you get. One will have no trouble to make it fly as it is so convinient to use.

Wrapping Up

dji phantom 4 review

Today DJI Phantom 4 RC Quadcopter is known to be the best drone that anyone could ever have.

If you ever got a chance to fly Phantom 4 Quadcoper Drone, you will be so lucky to have an experience equal to that of a real drone pilot for some time. It is a great product to have wonderful experience during your leisure.

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