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Cheerson CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH Quadcopter review

Here comes another quadcoper known for its size and features within such a small size. Today i am going to spot the light on Cheerson CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter with the size of 62*62*20mm and weighs 15g. It is so light and small that it can not even cover your palm properly. It is available with 360 degree spin and can be controlled through a remote which facilitates the quadcoper to move forward, backward or turn to left or right where ever you want want it to fly. It comes with a plastic body with awesome electronic components. It is considered to be very loop and easy to use and also it's mini size makes it more stable. You can get lots of things in such tiny gadget like auto level, auto flip, triple control and much more.

cheerson cx 10 main

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Cheerson CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH

Mini quadcoper comes in a very little package. It is something admired by a huge population. So now let's look at some of its features which makes it unique than the other quadcoper.


cheerson cx 10 remote

Cheerson mini quadcoper comes with a 2.43Hz wireless remote control making it easy for the user to have a controlled flight. The remote has 4 channels and 6 axis gyro available providing different ways to fly the quadcoper. The transmitter works with a 2*AAA battery power. This 2*AAA battery power gives it a great voltage but at the same time not good for a transmitter as it can also burn it.


cheerson cx 10 lights

To capture what the view from the cheerson cx-10 mini quadcoper, it comes with a 0.3 megapixel camera to record videos and photographs the quadcoper is streaming. The images captured by the quadcoper can also be shared with your friends and family.

Cheerson – CX-10 (2014 World's Smallest Quadcopter) – Review and Flight

In so far as the flight is concerned, mini quadcoper can fly up to 15-30 meters via remote control. The diameter of the propeller blade is 30mm. The maximum time a flight can last with quadcoper is around 4 minutes. Without recharging it could work for about an hour.


Battery of Cheerson – CX-10

Cheerson CX-10

Talking about the battery of the quadcoper, we see that it is not so powerful. Its 3.7 150 mAh battery can work for maximum to maximum one hour. The battery also includes the transmitter may it be a tradition transmitter or any smartphone app. Battery is available with a protective function.

Other features

cheerson cx 10 wing flexible

Other than the common features of the quadcoper, there are also some different aspects of CX 10. There is no space for any SDcard or card reader. The body is made of ABS plastic. Quadcoper drone is available with a “dual speed switch” feature. Also one more feature available with this tiny thing known as “3D flip function”. Due to its small size, it is preferred over other quadcopers as it is convenient and less responsible to use.

Nano quadcoper is available in so many colors with such a cheap price of $15 USD which is beyond anyone's imagination. As we have seen earlier, the quadcoper is of such a small size with a cool shape that it somewhere feels like a fantasy. One can have a wonderful and safe experience by such a gadget. It gives such a stable and safe flight that it is considered to be perfect piece for any beginner or even child to start with. So what are you waiting for? Just have Cheerson CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter and enjoy a great entertainment at your time of leisure.

Cons and the Drawbacks (Other side of the coin)

  • The side of the quadcopter however creates troubles in controlling from far away.
  • The logic : Can you control a copter which is not visible to you? Of course not and that's why you can't go far away from your toy.
  • The Camera is not too good to deliver a kind of video streaming that a costly quadcopter's camera can do. No Aid to attach an external camera because if attached, the flight won't take off. (due to weight)

However and whatever. The cheerson cx-10 is the best and the smallest quadcopter in the world. Owning one for yourself or gifting it to your son/daughter on birthday is a great feeling as well.

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