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Create Awesome Motion Images with Zoetropic : A Review

Hi friend, welcome to Droidcrunch, if you are new on our website I would recommend you to first subscribe to our notifications because we update interesting content frequently. Motion images can give an awesome feel. You can upload the images to your Instagram profile or any other social media profile to amaze your friend. Well, last time I had shared with you as to how to make motion blur images with your smartphone and today I am introducing you to a more interesting application with which you can create awesome motion images. Though this time we are going to make motion images(video) instead of clicking motion blurred images. The name of the application through which you can create awesome motion images is Zoetropic. Zoetropic is a paid application.

Zoetropic - Photo in motion
Zoetropic - Photo in motion

While the free version of the application is available in play store. You can use that too. Free version consists of lots of Google ads. Even it allows less working space due to those ads. Even there are some rendering constraints in the free version of the application. I would recommend you to use the paid version of the application which is worth buying.

A Demonstration as to what you can create with this application.


How To Create Awesome Motion Images With Zoetropic

First of all, you will need to install the application allowing all the necessary permission. There are no unreasonable permissions. Once installed, you will be landed on the walkthrough slider or say app promo which will demonstrate you as to how you can use the tools and buttons available there in the application. Don’t worry if you have skipped app promo tutorials, You can even find them in the navigation drawer having the button named “Tutorial”. zoetropik review droidcrunch


create awesome motion images droidcrunch

create awesome motion images droid crunch


create awesome motion images droid crunch




create awesome motion images droidcrunch


Following these tools, you can give a decent appearance to the still images and give them life.

I hope this video will help you out.

Wrapping Up

So, friend, this was how you can create awesome motion images with Zoetropic. For more tech news, tips and tricks, gadgets reviews and more just be our friends on our Facebook Page and Twitter. Also, watch us making some cool videos on our YouTube Channel.



how to make your content go viral

How To Make Your Content Go Viral in 2018

Most people these days talk about viral stuff and most content creators too. Making a content going viral is a deep myth. It is just like how to be the topper in school. If you want to make your content go viral, you need to first make the content that may go viral. Things that are unique, differential, totally out of the league possess shareable attribute which helps that content go viral.

You alone can’t help your content getting huge views until you make that in such a way that people who are viewing it share it on their own.

There are many social media platforms which affect the content to go viral. Among those, the top contenders are Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms.

Contents that have the below-mentioned qualities have high tendency to go viral.

  1. A humorously funny content
  2. Poll or Quiz
  3. Funny Video
  4. Problem Solving Text content or Video
  5. The launch of Something that people were waiting for with FIFO content.
  6. Disputable Video or Content – Yeah, even bad content has a tendency to go viral
  7. Trailer Video

What can help to make your content go viral?

Apart from your content delivery on the web, there are more things you need to do after leaving your chair.

A better promotional strategy

a better promotional strategy

Your promotional strategy should not be ineffective like a low-resolution image with irrelevant caption or even no caption. Have you seen big brands and entrepreneurs promoting their content on the social media? You actually need to follow the intellectuality that they deliver. Make sure you have an irresistible call to action for your promotional posts.

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A better SEO

better seo droidcrunch

A better optimization of your content can help the visitors finding that easily. However, it may take some time to rank. Although, as soon as it starts getting views that content would be potent enough to compete for all the ranked keywords.

An Effective Call to action

perfect call to action

At the end of your content, you need to end that up with an effective call to action which people may not avoid. A potentially good content with an effective call to action to share will have immersive tendency to get viral.

What if you are unable to get things done?

There are many reasons why your content is not going viral or even getting a good amount of views.

Your content sharing channel, be it website, youtube channel, Facebook Page, Twitter account or any other content sharing platform lacks subscribers or initial or instant viewers. It can be pretty hard for you to make your content viral if you are new as you are lacking the audience.

What you can do in that case is collaborating with other people, make your friends aware of your content distribution channel, promote your content and above all spend time on your content to make it self-promotable.

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Over To You

This is just a brief that can help you make viral content. To be honest, great content with an outstanding call to action and in support with competitive promotinal strategy has all the ingredients that you need to make your content go viral. To put it differently, if your content is worthless and in-impressive then all you promotional strategies will be fruitless.



best applications to awesome youtube thumbnails

Best Applications To Make Awesome YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Video Thumbnails are surely the invitation triggers for the people who may watch your videos. Viewers on YouTube have like many choices most of the time, until you are known personality, to watch specific videos. Well, if your video thumbnail is not attractive your work inside the video is going to be fruitless and the tendency of people opting for other videos will gradually drag your video down on the graph, resulting in a trash. However, you can promote your videos to get some exposure. But, to be precise, you can’t get targeted visitors this way.

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So, we have now come to point that, apart from quality video, we have to focus on invitation triggers like a catchy title and an attractive thumbnail. Take your video as a wedding ceremony and invitation card as your title and thumbnail. Now, you have done a lot of decoration for the ceremony and all types of facilities and accommodations are there.

You send the invitations card to all your friends, family, neighbours and relatives. However, you had expected that 2500 people will come on the date of the ceremony. Although, only 500 – 600 people reached the ceremony due to less attractive or simple invitation card.

Well, it was just for the understanding as to how thumbnails can change the game. So, from the next time when you upload videos don’t make a hurry and spend some time to make a creative and stunning thumbnail for your video.

Let’s continue with best applications to make awesome youtube thumbnails.

Best Applications To Make Youtube Thumbnails


canva for youtube thumbnails

For designing purpose, Canva is a well-known website and application. Thousands of templates available in their library makes your task really easier. However, apart from templates, you can make your custom template with the tools they provide online and on their app. Canva has many YouTube templates, that you can easily edit and make one for your own video. You can also save your designs to use for further images.

Thumbnail Maker

thumnail maker applications for android

Developed by Simply Entertaining, Thumbnail maker application is really an amazing application that gives exclusive immersive experience while creating thumbnails for YouTube Videos. The best thing about this app is that you can make thumbnails really quickly. There are many free background images, patterns and textures that you can use for decent thumbnails.


You can also use desygner for making beautiful and attractive thumbnails for your youtube videos. Actually, desygner does have amazing templates for like all the categories including social media logos, banners, posts, covers and what not. Using desygner is not a big deal.


Who doesn’t know about PicsArt? Undoubtedly, PicsArt is the best photo editing application for Android. You can create really impressive images with PicsArt in minutes. You can use PicsArt for making cool Youtube Video Thumbnails right from your mobo device. With PicsArt you can create magical and really stunning images. There are plenty of videos tutorials available on YouTube for editing amazing images via PicsArt.


When it comes to images designing in Android, PixelLab is one of my favourites. Its clean interface and feature full utility attract me to use it more and more. PixelLab offers best editing environment. When combined with Picsart and Background Removal App, you have best editing apps on your mobo. You can make 3D logos, attractive Covers, YouTube Thumbnails with the app with an ease. You can also save your projects and import them next time for editing similar images. Even, you can erase the background, add images, create shapes and add stickers.

PixelLab - Text on pictures
PixelLab - Text on pictures
Developer: App Holdings
Price: Free+


Final Words

Hope you enjoyed this article and you might have known about some or all of these applications. But the best use of these applications makes your creation really wonderful. Also, avoid over decoration, else, your viewer will take you as a noob. Edit with clear idea and perfection and see the world following you.

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Best Resources To Learn Android Development For Free

Best Resources To Learn Android Development For Free 2018

Today, I am gonna share with you best resources to learn android development for free. In the present scenario, where there is a huge number of people having smartphones many people find it worthy of the time to learn android development and start a career out of it. Meanwhile, in the start, people get confused with many aspects of it. They don’t know actually as to from where to start and what specific line of action they should stick to. Offline resources like books, schools or coachings are bit time to consume. Thus, I will present you the best possible resources to learn android development.

First thing first, after installing the JAVA JDK(Java development kit) and Android studio. Your job is to understand the widgets, logics, languages, layouts and lot more. To start off, you can choose to start with short projects.

Things will become more and more clear as you scroll down and continue reading. Be sure you don’t skip over as you may miss something material.

Best Resources To Learn Android Development For Free

best resources to learn android development is an exclusive website which will give you all the necessary information with respect to android development. No aspect of information related to Android development is untouched here, as it is the official Android website.

The best way to learn anything is to be more and more practical. The same you will need to be practical and implement things as you learn. You will find many obstacles in the beginning phase. Keep doing practical things, if you are stuck anywhere, you can immediately head over to this website.

StackOverflow is also a wonderful website which can provide you a lot of detail of any question you ask related to Android.

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Learning Java

best resources to learn android development


As of now, Kotlin is the official language of Android. Still, you can not ignore the importance of Java. If you already know Java, you will find rare difficulties. And, if you don’t, you will surely find it difficult as JAVA is must for Android.

You can give a kickstart to your Java learning phase using the below resources.

[toggle title=”Sololearn”] Well, Sololearn is a wonderful platform to learn languages. You can also download the Sololearn android application to learn it on the go. The app interface is amazing. Everything is specified in a very well manner. After the session you can perform multiple choice questions.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free
SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free
[toggle title=”Javvy”]

Javvy is the second alternative which is exclusively made for learning java, unlike sololearn which include many other languages as well. The application is easy to use and is very user-friendly. Though, it is not free and restricted to features.

Javvy - Learn to code in Java!
Javvy - Learn to code in Java!
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Codecademy”]

Another resource to learn JAVA is Codecademy. With codecademy, you can learn JAVA easily. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”The New Boston”]

If you are the digital freak you might know about Thenewboston YouTube Channel. If not, then let me tell you that its channel of Bucky Roberts. And, if you want to learn Java then it may be the best free resource for that. You can either learn it from the channel playlist or from thenewboston website. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Master Android”]

Master Android can be your best companion to give you bunch of Droid information out of the box. The application has been updated many time to give better user experience. You can download it right away and start learning from it.



best resources to learn android development

You can also enroll for Android or Java courses on Udemy. There are some free courses as well. Be sure you enroll in the complete course. There are some professional courses as well which may cost you but it will worthy of your time and cost.

Android Arsenal & Github

best resources to learn android development

Android arsenal can provide you a bunch of project codes that you can use and implement on your own Android projects. These projects can enhance the user experience, its interface and much more. Also, you can find many interesting Android projects on Github website. There are many best resources to learn android more and more.

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Google+ Communities & Facebook Groups

best resources to learn android development

Google+ communities and FB group are not going to give you any serious knowledge. But yeah, if you join some, and keep connected, you can be updated with the environment and find some cool stuff shared by the community members also some best resources to learn android really quicker. You can even make some good friends out there and thus can get a quick answer to your problems. Which will, as a result, give a boost to your learning phase.

This is just like school days where we learn things quickly because of the community. The same way if you will spend time in android developers community, you may learn quickly.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the ways you can opt for learning android development. I hope you like our cover-up on the best resources to learn android development for free where some of the resources we shared, though, are not fully free and are optional for use.

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How To Choose Unique Brand Name Or YouTube Channel Name

Welcome again on my website. If you are a new visitor, please first of all subscribe to my channel and also get in touch with us on our social media accounts. In this article I will be putting some tips regarding how to choose unique brand name or any youtube channel name. As many people before starting any digital media startup are in a dilemma as to how should they consider their brand name for successful setup. let’s figure out in details how one can choose unique brand name or youtube channel name.

choose unique brand name

Easy To Remember

Brand name should be one that is easy to remember and highlights the basic functionality. It does not mean that brand name should be too concise. If the name shows its functionality as well, it is cherry on the cake. Like if a brand is expert in social media handling and the name is like social media handler then it will be more good. Not only from the remembering point of view but also from the SEO point of view.


Choose Unique brand Name that Shows Authority

Brand name should be such that can represent itself with authority. Like AndroidAuthority, AndroidPolice, Technical Guruji. All these names show some kind of authority. People are more likely to follow you if you show a high grip and authority in the field you resemble. Use the name which shows the authority in the field, just for example –

Food Blog – FoodRaja, YourFoodieking

Techblog- Techmaharaja, Techexpert, prointech, techpro

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Availability Of All the necessary social media accounts

You also need to check for the availability of various social handles specially for the Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Checking the availability manually takes some time. To ease this task, you can take the help of Knowem website where you can search the keyword for checking its availability on various social media. This will ease the task little bit.


Do some Keyword Research

Also, do some keyword research for the desired name. Which will give you hints as to how much time and effort will be needed to beat the competition existing in the market if you are based on internet promotion and approach.

Wrapping Up

So, this was what you can exactly need to do for choosing unique brand name or channel name for your business. If you have any ideas, you are welcome in the comment section below. Share the tips with your friends who need.


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how to root oneplus 5t

How To Root OnePlus 5T | Unlocking Bootloader | Installing Custom Recovery

Oneplus is a small company in the smartphone industry yet it has gained a lot of attention due to being so price competitive and being developer friendly. They are one of the few companies which allow users to root their device and still provide even after being rooted. Oneplus releases one or two phone every year and like that in 2017 Oneplus released Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 5T, and in this article we will tell you how to root Oneplus 5T. So let’s get started.

[toggle title=”Warning”]





Oneplus encourages us to root and root the phone we shall. But before rooting your phone make sure you have your phone charged about 80% and backed up all the data on the phone as rooting for the first time will lead to data loss on the phone. It is very simple and easy to root Oneplus 5t. Rooting one plus 5T will be done in mainly three steps. Each step is connected to the previous step so make sure complete one step and move on to another step.

Before unlocking the bootloader there are few necessary steps need to be completed.

1. Charging your Oneplus 5T completely

2. Download ADB and fastboot to your pc.

3. USB debugging must be on. To do that, in your oneplus 5T go to settings>about phone> tap the build number 7 times to enable developer options. Now go to settings>developer options> enable usb debugging.

4. backup your data. Unlocking the bootloader will wipe everything the phone, so copying the necessary data to your pc from your oneplus 5T is recommended.

5. On your oneplus 5T go to Settings > Developer options. Then enable the ‘OEM Unlocking’ option. Also make sure that from now on, OEM unlocking option is enabled before you reboot as sometimes, it might get disabled itself.

6. on your 5T go to settings>developer options. Then enable advanced reboot option.

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To root the Oneplus 5T first you need to unlock the bootloader. To unlock bootloader first turn of your phone then boot it into fastboot mode by holding volume up+ power for few seconds or you can select reboot to bootloader in the advanced reboot menu. After going into bootloader the phone will display “fastboot” indicating that it has successfully entered fastboot mode. Later plug the phone to your pc and open command prompt window on the desktop folder by pressing shift+ right click on the mouse.

Then type the following command to see the list of devices connected.

fastboot devices

if your phones serial number shows up that means you are good to go and continue to root your oneplus 5T. if your phone has been recognized by he command above, you can proceed to unlocking the bootloader with the following command

fastboot oem unlock

you would be greeted with a unlock bootloader warning page, hit the volume button to select yes and turn it blue and hit the power button to execute the selection. Your device will reboot into stock recovery and wipe all the data. Once done your phone will reboot into the operating system.

If this step was success then your oneplus 5T has an unlocked bootloader and you can continue to install into custom recovery which helps to perform many tasks including to install a custom operating system.

Flashing custom recovery

After the phone is completely on, then turn on USB debugging, enable OEM unlocking, enable advanced reboot and connect it to a pc.

Download flies like superSU or MagisK to internal memory and TWRP Img to your computer.

Then reboot into the fastboot menu by holding volume up+ power button.

Open a new command in the same location as the TWRP Img is present and run the following commands.

fast boot flash recovery (file name).img

after the flash is done remove the usb connection and turn the phone manually into recovery by pressing the volume button for a couple of times till you see the recovery in red at the top and then hit the power button to reboot.


Getting full root permission:

Boot in TWRP menu and allow system modifications.

Swipe right to enable notifications

Select your preferred language and navigate to install the SuperSU or MagisK to root Oneplus 5T.

Swipe to confirm the flash

Reboot the system


Congratulations you have rooted your Oneplus 5T by unlocking bootloader and installing a custom recovery.






To install a custom ROM follow these instructions carefully:

1. If you are unencrypted take a full backup of all your data, because this ROM enforces encryption and so you will have to format your phone.
2. If you are encrypted and running an AOSP ROM (8.0 or newer) you’re fine. If you come from OOS (both Nougat and Oreo) take a full backup of all your data as there’s currently no way to change master key without formatting, sorry
3. Download the desired custom ROM specified for OnePlus 5T and GApps
4. Reboot to a custom recovery5.

5. If you are coming from any other ROM wiping /data is strongly recommended
6. Flash the latest ROM build and GApps.
If you want to root, flash it afterward. If you plan to use Magisk, let the first boot happen and flash it later!
7. Reboot and enjoy the new ROM on your rooted OnePlus 5T.

I hope now you know as to “how to root oneplus 5T”. For more tech news, tips and tricks, gadgets reviews and more just be our friends on our Facebook Page and Twitter. Also, watch us making some cool videos on our YouTube Channel.


how to record face swapping videos android

How To Record Face Swap Comedy Videos On Mobile

Face Swap videos can be recorded on your smartphone with the use of various applications. Face Swapping got a new trend when Snapchat introduced this feature within their application. However, this feature was not new as it was introduced by other developers. But it caught attention with the implementation done by Snapchat.

Snapchat Face Swap

Face Swap with Snapchat is so precise that it does not lag that much provided you have good selfie camera.

Many people complain sometimes that their filters are not working properly. And if it is also the case with you then you should check your permission settings of the application and provide its location and other required permissions.

Secondly, the gesture for lenses and filters has been changed and it does not open by swiping up. Now you need to just tap on the camera screen anywhere to bring the filters in action, and, swiping opens up the memories tab.

Interestingly, there are more applications like Snapchat which you can use to click face swap pictures and shoot faceswap videos. Let’s talk about them.



Developed by Facebook, MSQRD is one of the best face swapping video maker applications. MSQRD contains various masks and filters. The precision and rendering are very lag free and instantaneous on this application. However, with MSQRD desirable image swapping is not possible.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Face Swap Live

face swap live application

face swap live

Face swap live is another face swapping application which allows you to swap the face with desirable face and record the videos. However, when compared to Snapchat it lacks detail. The application provides numerable magic effects and much more to make the selfie video game more interesting.

Face Swap Live Beta
Face Swap Live Beta
Developer: Laan Labs
Price: Free

Face Swap

face swap application

face swap

Face Swap is a complete fun application. Its interface is very satisfying and it gives you amazing filters and masks. This application is really unbeatable and you can use it for making cool comedy videos.

Face Swap
Face Swap
Price: Free+

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Over to you

So, this is how you can record face swap videos with your smartphone. You can choose any of the application and entertain yourself and others by making faceswap videos. In order to make faceswap videos professional well, you can edit it with other software applications like Inshot, Viva video maker etc.

locker for whatsapp systweak

Locker for WhatsApp (Lock All your Private Group and Personal Chats)

Today WhatsApp platform is not limited to some informal chats instead it is used as a medium to stay connected with clients, managers, colleagues, and with many more important people in our life. Here, we share a lot of important data in instant and effective manner. When WhatsApp platform is used for some important chats and data sharing, it becomes important to keep this platform secured with the password for better security. Here, we have discussed one such effective tool called “Locker for WhatsApp” that offer dual-protection to your WhatsApp conversations.

about locker for whatsapp

Highlights of the App

  • The app works on smart techniques to offers you instant and effective results.
  • It is resource-savvy app.
  • It offers dual-password protection for better security of your WhatsApp conversations.
  • Offers unlimited support to lock your chats.

Features of the App

Intuitive & User-friendly App: Locker for WhatsApp is designed meticulously to offer intuitive & user-friendly experience. Here, you can perform all regular tasks on this app in a seamless manner. This smart app works on smart techniques while helping you secure your WhatsApp chats on your device. You can use this amazing tool to keep your important conversations on WhatsApp in a secured manner effortlessly.

Dual Security: App allows you to keep your chats secured with dual protection. Here, first, you can set the password to open WhatsApp then you can set the second password to secure your individual or group chats. You can use this effective feature to protect your sensitive data and conversations in a most effective way.

Password Recovery: App offers you password recovery option where it asks you to submit your email address so that the password details could be sent to you. Here, you can keep your password details in another location to retrieve it when needed.

Unlimited Support: You can use this app to secure unlimited chats on WhatsApp as there is no maximum limit to it. You can use this free app to avail more effective benefits.

App locker locker for whatsapp

Light Weight App: App offers impressive results while being light on resources. It consumes very little space on your device while offering best results.

Settings: Under settings, you can find change recovery email address and App Lock settings features.

settings locker for whatsapp
How does locker for Whatsapp work?

Launch an App: After installing the app, tap on “Locker for WhatsApp” icon to launch the app instantly.

locker for whatsapp home

Create a Password: Once you have launched the app, set the four-digit password in next step. Here, the password will be common to unlock WhatsApp and chats within.

enter password

Set recovery Email: Next is to set recovery email to keep your password details stored in another location. It will help you retrieve password details when needed.

Grant Permission: Grant necessary accessibility permissions to the app.

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Lock Chats: To secure any chat with a password, simply press “+” icon at the lower-right corner of the screen.

lock group chats

Unlock Chat: You can uncheck the checkbox next to app/s to remove the password security from that individual chat.

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unlock chat

The Verdict of the App: Locker for WhatsApp is an efficient tool that offers dual-protection to your important WhatsApp conversations. Here, this smart tool works on advanced algorithms while providing you latest security features. You can use this tool to keep all your personal and official chats secured in password protected manner.

Download Locker for Whatsapp


How To Disable Instagram Activity Status on Android Devices

Disable Instagram Activity Status on Android Devices [How To]

Disable Instagram Activity Status: Instagram is a photo/video(s) sharing social platform. It is used by millions of people nowadays. Because of its clean and user-friendly design and interface people love to use it and prefer it over facebook nowadays. Instagram is free of spam and scams to some extent. User privacy has been given more stress on Instagram.

It was pretty annoying on Instagram before as you could not see as to who is active or not. Also, you could not see if a certain person you want to talk with is active.

But now you can easily see if a person is active on Instagram. But most of the people prefer to hide their activity status and don’t want others to know if they are active. It is all about preference. So today I will show you how you can easily prevent Instagram from broadcasting your online status to your friends.

Disable Instagram Activity Status on Android Devices

If you are a celeb personality or your huge following, it would be obviously straightforward that you might be receiving a huge number of message on daily basis from friends and others. In that case, Hiding your Instagram online status can keep you productive. In order to disable activity status for your Instagram account on your android, you can follow these very simple steps.

Step 1: Just go to your profile page by clicking on the right bottom icon as also shown in the screenshot below.

how to disable activity status on Instagram

Step 2: After reaching the profile page, you need to go to the options page by clicking 3 dots on the top right corner of the page.

how to hide online status on instagram

Step 3: Now You will find the option of disabling Instagram activity status option. Just turn off the option of hiding Instagram activity as shown in the screenshot image below.

hiding instagram activity status 2018

Now You have successfully disabled the Instagram online status option.

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[alert-announce]Disabling activity status option for Instagram will result in disability to see the online status of others as well.[/alert-announce] [alert-success]For more tech news, tips and tricks, gadgets reviews and more just be our friends on our Facebook Page and Twitter. Also, watch us making some cool videos on our YouTube Channel.[/alert-success]






Reach 10,000 views on YouTube

How To Reach 10,000 views on YouTube to Enable Monetization

Due to heavy competition in relevant categories it becomes heart breaking to get views on the newly created YouTube Channel. You can not monetize your channel until it crosses the threshold of 10,000 views. Once it reaches the threshold, you can ask YouTube to review and enable the monetization. Even in some cases YouTube does not enable monetization  while you have reached 10,000 views. Those cases include some terms and conditions that you might have not followed.

New YouTubers deem fit to leave it when they do not get views on their channel. But actually they should not. I will try to help you how to reach 10,000 views very quickly on your channel and enable YouTube Monetization.

Well, in this article we will discuss some key things to remember and apply in order to reach 10,000 on your channel. To get more insight about how to rank YouTube videos, you can click here.

How To Reach 10,000 views on YouTube to Enable Monetization

With the introduction of “no monetization before 10000 views” system by YouTube, it has made YouTube a serious business for new comers. To reach the threshold of 10,000 views quickly, you can follow the tips as below:

Make & Post Original Content

In the hassle of reaching 10,000 views and enabling the monetization don’t use the wrong methods to get views. Don’t publish copied views or anything. Make your original content to start with.

If you publish another’s content, YouTube may not enable the monetization even after crossing 10,000 views. So, be practical and follow the path of wisdom and honesty.

Shareable Content

Try to make shareable content so that people watching your content may become your representative in further lifting up its presence on the internet. Shareable content can help you grow your channel fast and easy.

Share your videos

Don’t forget to share your videos as much as possible on all the social networks you have. Initial views are very important. In lack of them, your video is not going to rank unless it is ranked on low competition keywords. Even its ranking on them, you are not going to get huge views as most of the low competitive keywords have tendency of low search volume (excp. exists.).

Don’t go for trending topics

Don’t go for making videos on the trending topics. Because, you are just wasting your time and effort making videos over them. But in case, there is very less competition on that particular topic and you have enough shareable resource to give a kick start(Initial views), you can off course go for it.

Rank Videos On Low Competition Keywords

If your videos are not getting views even after you are making videos on highly searchable topics, it simply means that with the high volume searches, there is high competition too. In order to be in the competition your video needs to have initial kick start and high retention(watch time of more than 50%). So, better is to find the low competition keywords with average or more search volume and make videos based on that.

This is sufficient to reach the initial threshold of 10,000 views. If you make original compelling content on the web, trust me, no one can stop you from growing. Not today, may be not tomorrow but someday you will surely be discovered all over the world if you think and work wisely.

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Download Odin Tool for Samsung Galaxy Devices (All versions)

Wanna download Odin Flash Tool for your Samsung Galaxy device? Here are all the versions of Odin Tool that you can download in your Samsung Galaxy devices to flash the stock firmware, updates, custom recoveries like TWRP and updates.

Odin Flash Tool is a software for firmware flashing on its Android smartphones developed by Samsung. Odin Tool was used by the manufacturers internally for their purposes in the service centers. However, Odin Flash tool was leaked out to the public and is now freely available to download for the Samsung users. Odin Flash Tool makes it possible for the Samsung users to flash the stock firmware, updates and custom recoveries like TWRP on the Samsung devices.

Download Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Before you get ready for downloading Odin Tool and flashing firmware, you need to make sure of that you have a computer with Windows OS, Latest Samsung USB Drivers, ADB & Fastboot tools for your device, Android USB Cable to connect your Android Phone to the computer.

Also, remember these important warnings for flashing the ROM with Odin Tool.

  • Don’t omit to backup the phone.
  • Download the precise and latest Odin Tool Version
  • Install the Latest Samsung USB Driver
  • Download and confirm Custom ROM with your device.
  • While using the tool, make sure that Samsung Kies software is not running otherwise it may interrupt the process.
  • Keep in mind that, Most of Samsung phones are different and each one requires various procedures to rooting & flashing with custom ROMs

Odin Flash Tool provides liberty to Samsung users. It is popular among the users because of the following reasons:

  • Easy to Flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Devices
  • Easily flash custom recoveries like ClockWorkMod and TWRP
  • Flash Custom Kernels for enhanced performance and better battery life.
  • Gain root access on your Samsung Device by Installing Root Packages like SuperSU

Download Odin Flash Tool (All Versions)

You need to make sure that you download the latest version of Odin Tool. In case you’re using Odin Tool for an older device or Android Version, then you need to download the corresponding version.

You can download Odin Flash Tool from the below links: (For newer generation Galaxy devices like Note 8) (Supports new firmware with compressed binaries lz4) (Latest) (For Marshmallow firmware) (For Marshmallow firmware) (For KitKat/JellyBean firmware) (For Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread firmware)


How to Install Odin Flash Tool on Windows PC

  1. Download Odin Flash tool zip file from the above links. Make sure to download the right one as per android version.
  2. Extract the downloaded file on your PC using an archive tool. Download Odin Flash Tool and Extract Odin Zip file
  3. Open the extracted folder “Odin3_v3.12.10”.
  4. Double-click on the executable file “Odin3 v3.12.10.exe“.
    Download Odin Flash Tool and Run Odin exe
  5. If you launch previous versions of Odin, you shall be prompted to allow “User Account Control” as well.
  6. Then Odin Flash tool will launch on your Windows PC.
    Download Odin Flash Tool and Install on Windows
  7. Just connect your Samsung Galaxy device with an Android USB cable in Download Mode, select the files, and you’re all set.

Note that Odin only supports files with “.tar and “.tar.md5 extensions.

Odin Flash Tool Conclusions

So you have just been able to download Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy devices and install it on your Windows PC. Though Odin Flash Tool is taken into account to be the simplest in its category, it’s a flip facet also. The program fully writes the entire system. because of that it will sway be dangerous if any interruption happens throughout the installation method. beneath such circumstances, your device is often bricked. Reflashing the microcode victimizationOdin will typically fix this issue. however, if things go fully out of hand, then there’s no purpose of going back.
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