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Catalyst Impact Protection and Waterproof Case for iPhone 11: Review

When you buy a phone like the iPhone 11 which costs you staggering 70k INR, you also buy the added liability to care it from the possible unhappy incidents. This is the time where we obey our instincts, compromise with our carefree nature and gift our phone the protection it deserves.

Catalyst is an accessories brand that creates innovative products for us. To protect iPhone 11 from impact and water, Catalyst has made impact protection and waterproof cases for iPhone 11.

I used these cases for a while now, more than a couple of weeks, and I have to share my honest experience with you guys.

Starting from Catalyst's Impact Protection drop-proof cases, I initially got amazed by its built quality and strong protection.

Catalyst 9.9ft Drop Proof Case iPhone 11

Coming in attractive boxing the case is very premium and looks decent. These cases posses a 3m drop proof rating. The extended bezels of the case help to protect the smartphone from front face dropping.

Impact Protection catalyst iphone 11 case

Made of impact-resistant and scratch-proof polycarbonate, these cases are the life saviors for iPhone 11. To protect your phone from the impact and drops, the catalyst impact protection cases do the best job. The case is very solid and a bit heavy. The side rotating mute switch on the case is big and accessible with which you can easily mute and unmute the phone. 

With its back design, the wireless charging becomes possible. So, you can charge your iPhone 11 without removing the case. There are very rare chances that the smartphone is going to slip out of your hands while the phone is under this case. The explicit reason behind it is that of the rubber material with which the cover is made.

Wrist lanyard is included in this case which provides better protection. The straps are made of quality material. Overall, the case provides great protection from dust, drops, scratches but not water (that's why we have waterproof cases).


If saving your iPhone 11 from the water is a priority then Catalyst waterproof case can be the best choice. These waterproof cases provide an elegant premium look to the smartphone.

Catalyst Waterproof case provides better protection to the smartphone for the camera and built. The bezels around the case are soft but grippy. The bottom bezel gets a rubber cap which is very flexible and helps while charging.

Waterproof Cases for iPhone 11 by Catalyst

This case provides complete cover as it covers the smartphone from all sides and saves it from water, dust, and scratches. Catalyst offers a 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty. The waterproof case provides extended protection when compared to the impact protection case. As a result, this case is a little expensive than the impact protection case.

Talking about the weight, the case does not add extra weight to the smartphone. It is very light though look heavy. Cases come with catalyst branding on the bezels which provide a premium feel. Believe me, you can not get this kind of case with such built quality and premium feel, in any random shop. For those who travel frequently, catalyst cases can provide impressive security.

So, if you are looking to protect your iPhone 11 then catalyst cases can be one of the best choices. You can buy catalyst impact protection iPhone 11 cases at $39.99 and waterproof case at $89.99.

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