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best karaoke applications for android

Are you music lover and want to make your own songs? If yes, you are on the right place. We shall discuss today about the best karaoke applications for android.

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.

Best karaoke applications for android droidcrunch

Everyone of us loves to record our music. But the default recording application does not come with features it should have to make your voice look better. Though, there is exception to it. But when we find unexpected weird output we shun off the application and of course the intention and interest. Well, there is exception to it as well, as I have seen people who really work hard to rehearse and make their voice better even in unwanted circumstances. Anyways, developers have really worked hard and have come up with their creation that can allow anyone of us to sing without hesitation. We do things again and again if we love to do that thing. The same way these applications are very addictive.

Best Karaoke Applications For Android :

1. Smule

I have personally experienced smule application for a long time. In the list of best karaoke applications it would undoubtedly find the first place. The application is very addictive. In some applications there is lack of songs you want to sing. You will not probably find the karaoke of that. But it is not the case with smule. You will find the karaoke of most of the songs. There will be no or rare flaw in the karaoke music. You will be seeing the lyrics while singing which will help you maintaining pace with the song. You can sing solo or go for duet by joining others or inviting others for joining remaining part of the song by singing half of the part. One can chose to sing in audio mode or video mode.

After singing the song you can give effect to your song. There are various option for mixing like magic, studio, polish, super harmony, pop star, super pop, super studio, Indie, double you, star dust and grunge. The same way there are various options to filter the video if you record songs in selfie mode.

To sing solo songs freely  and for many other features you will need to buy the VIP membership for 55 INR per month or 550 INR for a year.

Sing! by Smule
Sing! by Smule
Developer: Smule
Price: Free+

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2. Star Maker : Sing free Karaoke songs

Star Maker application comes with the same concept having different user interface. The application is very cool and attractive. Using the application you can sing any song you like freely. With the application you can sing the best part of your favorite songs. You can share your song with your social media profile and show your talent to your friends. It has same features like mixing the audio in different formats, option to sing in selfie mode or audio mode, on screen live lyrics availability.


3. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is quite different from the above applications but it is very popular application as well as website. You will find thousands and millions of songs uploaded on soundcloud on a daily basis. You can just make a profile and record your own songs and show them to the world. Though it lacks audio effects and all that functionalities that entices the music lovers at large to create their own songs. So i would say it is not the medium but the place where you can showcase your talent.

SoundCloud: Musik & Audio
SoundCloud: Musik & Audio
Developer: SoundCloud
Price: Free

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