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How to beat smartphone addiction with Social Fever App

How to beat smartphone addiction with Social Fever App

Smartphone addiction is long debated topic that was tried to be fixed by offering various solutions. Here, one such futuristic solution is to use apps to keep tab on your smartphone usage. These smart apps work on advanced algorithms to monitor your apps & smartphone usage. So if you wondering how to beat smartphone addiction, you are surely gonna to it with social fever. Further, they can help you reduce or manage smartphone usage for optimized results.

Use Social Fever
Social Fever – Re-connect with real world

Social Fever is the futuristic solution offered by leading software firm Systweak Software that helps you curb your unnecessary smartphone usage. Here, it helps you set and track goals for yourself to reduce unnecessary dependence on your smartphone. Further, it helps you protect your ear & eye health to safeguard you from harmful effects of using smartphones.
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Features of the Social Fever App

Track Goals: Social Fever offers interactive way to help you set and track goals to save some valuable time. Here, it helps you to decide how much time you want to spend on any app by setting goals for yourself. During the process, you can add multiple apps to tracking module. Further, you can track app usage time to track your set goals. It is useful feature to avoid spending time on unproductive apps on your device.

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App Usage: Under this quick feature, you can see the compact summary of app usage on your device. Here, it will display time spent on different apps that are added to tracking module.

History: Under history, the app will display detailed summary of app usage/time for last 7 days. Here, you will find summary in graphical form for instant and easy understanding.


Interests: Using the app, you can set interest for yourself. Here, you can select topics of your interest from multiple options and app will let you know how much time you have saved to perform those favorite activities.


Ear Health: Under this feature, you will receive alerts when you spend more time using headphones on your device listening to your favorite music or watching movies. It is useful feature to avoid overuse of earphones for better ear health.

Eye Health: Similar to above-mentioned feature, here app will send you alert when you spend considerable time staring at your device screen (watching movies etc.) that can cause issues to your eyes. It is useful feature to rest your mind, eyes and body.

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Other Features

  • To see app usage time in real-time, set time tracker by enabling “Show app tracking” feature.
  • To get daily reports for app usage on specified time, tweak time settings. The default time setting is 2200 hours.
  • To view and manage daily goals click on “Show daily report” option.
  • Clean tracking history by taping on “Clear History” option.
  • To change interest, click on “Show Interest” feature.

The Verdict of the App: Social Fever is a state-of-the-art tool that not only helps you reduce unnecessary smartphone usage but it also helps you protect your health. Using this smart solution, you can save lot of your time to do some real-life things. We suggest you use this tool to get rid of smartphone addiction instantly to re-connect with real-world.

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