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Asphalt 8: Airborne Game Review; The Best Mobile Racing Game?

Admit it!

You are a mobile game player, aren’t you? In my case, I have quite a few games on my device. But I can’t deny the game play, though.

About 90% of smartphone users love to play games, and they have it on their phone as well. When it comes to genre, each individual has a separate taste. I don’t usually play shooting or adventure games that I prefer playing racing and sports games.

If you are a racing game lover, you have just landed on the perfect place; I would say as I am going to review one of the popular mobile racing games.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Game Review

asphalt 8 airborne

The predecessor Asphalt 7: Heat was a hotcake among the smartphone lovers. It attracted all avid mobile gamers with the intensive liquid graphics. Then, Gameloft kept on developing another game focusing on the air stunts and launched Airborne in 2013.

The game is available for Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Windows Phone OS. But it went viral among Android users because of the large number of them.

You will get four controlling options; tilt to steer, tilt and icons, on-screen controls and tap to steer. In case you need full control with no auto acceleration, you should go with the second controlling option.


asphalt 8 airbrone game review

Just like any other high-end racing game, you will get cars from companies like Bugatti and Lamborghini. But first, you are limited to 47 cars only. With each win and achievement, the cars get unlocked for you.

Though there are only nine tracks, you have to race through them in the reverse order as well. Each track contains several routes. So, you will not feel a cliché during any race.

asphalt 8 airbrone

As the name suggests, you will get rewards for every trick you do on air. You can do horizontal spin jumps and barrel roll. For some tricks, you need to be focused on landing safely on the ground.

Airborne is the eighth asphalt game from Gameloft, and they retained some basic features in this one. The first place will get three stars, the second place 2 and the third place 1. Moreover, you will get extra stars for the air stunts, rival beating, etc. as well.

Though the main screen of the app is equipped with the whole bunch of features, you will not struggle your way to the first run. But it is true that you need some time to get used to the interface.

asphalt 8 review

The game has various modes. You can choose one as per your likings and start racing right away.

The game is so graphic intensive that you need a high-end device for uncluttered gaming sessions. So forcing the game to an old low-end device would be cumbersome.

Airborne has the unique feature of cloud syncing. Whenever you end the gameplay, it will ask you whether to sync on the cloud or locally. If you choose the former, you can continue playing from where you ended even though you change the device.

Asphalt game airborne

Yeah, the game is a paid one. But it will not take a ton from you. You have to play $0.99 only both for Android and iOS. I swear you won’t regret the purchase.

Wrapping Up

I have tried my best to go through all the major aspects of the game. But it is not easy for anyone to describe the gaming experience in words, you know? So, the stage has become vacant for you to take over.

Visit your app store and download Asphalt 8: Airborne right away.

Or do you have any other favorite game? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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