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Top 5 Best Android Arcade Games

Are you an avid gamer? Even if you aren’t, don’t tell me, you hate mobile games. I am not a crazy gamer, but still I used to play games to kick out boredom.

I usually don’t play heavy games for I don’t like waiting for a lot of time to get it downloaded. Then what is my favourite type of games? I am glad that you asked. It’s arcade games. According to Techopedia, an arcade game has

  • Intuitive and simple controls with simple physics
  • Short levels which become increasingly difficult as the game progresses
  • A focus on gameplay rather than on content or story

Top 5 Android Arcade Games

I know you are waiting for the list. For your information, the only reference I took to cumulate the list is Google Play Store. I checked the arcade section and picked the top 5 results.

#1. Subway Surfers

Android Arcade Games

Subway Surfers is one of the coolest and lightweight Android arcade games of all times. You are a wanderer who is followed by a policeman and his dog. You need to run as fast as you can not get busted.

As you run through the rail track, trains come towards you and it is your job to avoid the collision. Or else, you will be caught. During the dashing, you will get coins, hover board and a lot of things to boost your run.


#2. Temple Run

Android Arcade Games

Next up in our list of best Android arcade games is Temple Run. The idea of the game is as same as Subway Surfers’. But the graphics are different here. You have to run through an ancient ambience with dangerous plants and pits.

An eagle-like bird is what follows you. With time, the speed of your run will increase, and the surroundings will change. But you need to be extra vigilant to pull the strings on time not to be caught.


#3. Vector 2

Android Arcade Games

If you ask me for my favourite Arcade game, it is Vector. But this is the second version of my favourite game.

You will have to run fast by avoiding the hindrances that come your way; there may be water tanks, pits, troughs, etc. At times, you will get some skill moves to excite yourself. But if you don’t catch it on time, you will not be able to hold the same.


#4. Angry Birds Rio

Android Arcade Games

Angry Birds has been outrageous since its release. Literally, it was the product that saved the company Rovio Entertainment Ltd. from a financial crisis.

Birds are your ultimate weapon. By making the birds your arrow, you have to kill some animals and hunt treasures. Your targets are arranged in different ways, and as the level goes up, the arrangement will be complicated.

There are a number of Angry Birds arcade games versions. You can check them out from the Play Store itself.


#5. Lep’s World 2

Android Arcade Games

Are you a fan of Super Mario games? If you are, you will love this game, I swear.

Unlike in Mario games, you have to beat some enemies in this game ranging from some snails to a filthy human being. The gameplay is smooth with simple yet elegant graphics and exciting background music.

You can do whatever you do in Mario games. That’s why Lep’s World 2 got a top spot onthe list of best Android arcade games.


Wrapping Up

Have you downloaded any game?

What are you waiting for? I know at least two Android arcade games are here that you haven’t played.

Just hit the download button and tap install. That’s all.

Let me know your feedback via comments.

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