9 Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Web Designers and Developers are constantly looking for something which could lessen their burden and could help them doing their work, being relaxed and from where ever and whenever they want. Although, there are a number of software which are taken into use by web designers and developers to be used on the PCs and laptops, but with the changing time and developing scenario, many android applications came into the digital market that are capable to suit the needs and meet the requirements of the developers and web designers.

After a bit of searching I found a list of apps that are the best for the android devices and can be used by these folks for managing and customizing their websites from their android cell phones only and help them, have a better experience than ever before. These apps can be found at the Google Play Store and each and every web developer or designer must have it installed over their android phones. Here is the list of Ten such wonderful authentic apps which can give you the unbelievable experience with web designing:

#1. Hackers Keyboard

Hackers Keyboard

Hacker's Keyboard
Developer: Klaus Weidner
Price: Free

This Application provides you the keyboard that is much similar to the Computer’s keyboard and can be used if you love typing over your PC and miss that experience when you type over your cell phone. The Hackers Keyboard has the separate number keys, arrow keys and the punctuations at their respective places as that of the laptops and PC’s. This keyboard also has the Ctrl/Esc/Tab keys as well for more functions and for the users’ convenience.

#2. VT View Source

android apps for web designers - VT View Source

VT View Source
Price: Free

As the name suggests the VT View Source let you view the HTML, XML, CSS or JavaScript sources of webpage easily over your cell phone screen. It has another exciting features, like, syntax highlighting theme, text wrapping, adjustable colors etc. which are the similar features which one can find at the view source in browsers. So does the page opening process work, like, you can open a source code by just typing the URL address. Isn’t it cool!

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#3. AndFTP


AndFTP (FTP Client)
Developer: LYSESOFT
Price: Free

It is an FTP Client App which allows the web developers to transfer the files to their web server via FTP, SFTP, SCP and FTPS protocols. Not only this, but they can set up several different FTP servers using this android app and with this app you are able to create, rename, delete or copy the folders as well.

#4. Learn HTML 5

learn html5

It is a really famous app among the develops and web designers as it tells you everything related to HTML and gives all the information related to the tags and the elements used in HTML, which you may use instantly if you forgot something in this context.

#5. Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard
Developer: Lab2Apps
Price: Free

Very less mobile phones like Nexus 5, provide you the facility to write on your cell phone via typing over the connected PC or laptop for if you feel comfortable typing over the laptops than the cell phones. And this app provides your android phone, the same feature. This app uses a Wi Fi for low latency input, but if you have the basic technical skills, you may also use the specific USB cable for it.

#6. Fontest

Developer: No Allegiance
Price: Free

The Fontest is one of the favorite apps of the web developers and typographers, as this android app helps the user to quickly preview that how the fonts you used on your website are rendering over the android cell phone’s screen. This app provides 6 high quality free fonts and supports for adding your TTF and OTF fonts.

#7. WordPress for Android


Developer: Automattic, Inc
Price: Free

Many web designers use WordPress to design and customize their website and this app can be really helpful, if you want to access your website or blog through your android cell phone to make tweaks. This app allows you to create, edit and publish the post easily as the app is really easy to understand and to work on.

#8. Google Analytics


Google Analytics
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

This is an amazing app that will help you to manage your developed website’s stats, which is a very crucial task. This app has been recently updated and optimized for the android phones as well as for the tablets. Hence, you can easily get your analytics over android phones or on android tablets for your convenience.


#9. kWS- Android Web Server

kWS - Android Web Server
Developer: Kamran Zafar
Price: Free

This android app is the very basic web server that easily runs on any android cell phone. This app is famous for its speed, that means, if you are loading the web pages using this app through the local Wi Fi network, you will be surprised by the speed and will notice that this web server takes the similar time as that of any other web server of your phone.

Wrapping Up

These Android apps for developers and web designers will not only provide you with the convenience to work anytime and anywhere but also will save your time and will provide you with an amazing experience over your android devices. After using any of the above apps, you will get to know that it’s a real fun to create, develop and deploy the websites and manage or customize the webpage, using your android cell phones or android tablets. So, install now and experience the all new world of creativity!